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Prempro is a drug used by women in general, in order to treat unpleasant menopause symptoms, like dry vagina, hot flashes, irritation and burning and it is as well useful in osteoporosis prevention.


Prempro is a combination of feminine hormones, estrogen and a kind of progesterone which have an important role in menstruation and ovulation, apart from menopause problems.


As we have just said, Prempro is used for typical feminine problems, but there are some restrictions if you suffer from other diseases. Therefore, it shouldn’t be taken if you have heart problems, or if your liver does not function properly. Moreover, if you notice that your vaginal bleeding is not normal, you shouldn’t take this drug or you should stop taking it. During pregnancy, these hormones should not be combined in your organism, because it can lead to birth defects in your baby. Furthermore if you suffer from cancer caused by hormones, like uterine or breast cancer, you should not take it as well.

If you are a smoker or you have weight problems, you should talk to the doctor before taking Prempro. You must take it, exactly according to the doctor’s indications, and if some aspects are not clear to you, don’t hesitate and ask your doctor too. To continue with, you have to be careful, because Prempro comes in two different colors, corresponding to the 14 days of your monthly period. So they are 28 altogether and you must be very careful about the way you take them.

In addition, it doesn’t matter if you take them before, during or after a meal, but it is important to take them at the same time every day. Your doctor must recommend you how long you have to take Prempro. During the treatment with Prempro, it is not recommended to do any medical test.

What happens when you forget to take a dose?

If you forget to take a dose, you must take the medicine immediately after you have remembered it. If you remember that you have missed a dose exactly when you have to take the next one, you shouldn’t take the dose you have missed, but you should continue your regular schedule.

Side effects

Prempro develops side effects like headache, nausea, confusion, swollen legs, concentration and memory problems, vomiting, stomach pain, acne, and appetite or weight problems.

Not all the persons will develop these side effects. It depends on everybody’s organism.


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