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Our daily life is full of stress and it is always reflected in our health condition. That is why a lot of people suffer from high blood pressure and heart problems. Prinivil is a drug which comes to help you and alleviate the effects of these conditions or to treat them.


Prinivil contains inhibitors like captopril, benazopril, fosinopril, perindopril and other constituents which have inhibitor role. If your medical history proves that you are allergic to one of these constituents, you should not continue taking Prinivil.


There are some situations in which you must not follow a treatment with Prinivil. Firstly, if you are pregnant, you shouldn’t take any drugs actually, but Prinivil can be very dangerous because the active ingredients which it contains can lead to defects in the embryo. Furthermore, you must be careful with the way you manage birth control while you are taking these pills. It is not recommended to drive after you have taken Prinivil, because it can affect your concentration. To continue with, Prinivil makes you feel thirsty, so in order to avoid kidney problems and dehydration you should take Prinivil with six to eight mugs of water. Your doctor must know if you already have kidney problems, or if your liver does not work properly or diabetes is one of your health problems. In these situations you must not take Prinivil, or your doctor can adapt the dosage to your health condition.
If high blood pressure is the reason why you take Prinivil, you should take it on a regular basis, because blood pressure does not develop symptoms and you can discover that you suffer from it when it is too late. You can take this pill before eating, after eating or during a meal. If you want to be sure that Prinivil is efficient in the case of high blood pressure, you should monitor it regularly.

Missed dose

It sometimes happens to forget to take the medicine. If this does not happen frequently, it is not a problem and you can omit the dose you have missed, on the condition to continue the treatment regularly.

Side effects

Prinivil can develop allergic reactions like face swelling, breathing difficulty, stomach ache. In the worst situations, you can faint, or you can feel tired, or have fever or you can put on weight in a quite short time. In these cases a doctor must see you immediately.


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