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Psilocybin is a substance which can be found in a large variety of mushrooms and from the chemical point of view it is an alkaloid with psychedelic effects. As drug, it is used for psychological disorders.


Psilocybin is a natural compound, an alkaloid which can be soluble in clear substances like water, but it is not soluble in different organic solvents. Alkaloids have in their molecular structure one or more nitrogen atoms, included in mono or polycyclic carbon structures. All the alkaloids are bitter and have a series of common reactions against chemical reactive substances, precipitation or color.


It is used for physical and psychical relaxation, and it can lead even to ecstatic conditions and to the feeling of connection with the universe. A lot of people reported that their state of mind has changed after taking psilocybin, and they even become better persons with the others. This drug is recommended for people who have behavior problems, because it can induce a deep sleep and can help that person disconnect from the immediate reality. It must be taken only with the direct medical supervision, because it is considered a drug, which can create addiction if it is taken in large amounts and of course it can be harmful for your psychic. If you combine this pill with different methods of stress management, like listening to therapy music or talking to a priest or looking after a pet, or taking up a sport in the open, its effects can be more beneficial.

Missed dose

If you miss a dose, you can continue the treatment normally, but because this drug is prescribed to patients with severe psychic troubles it is recommended that a person who is perfectly healthy take care of the patient who has been recommended psilocybin.

Side effects

According to some researchers psilocybin side effects are first of all psychotic experiences like depersonalization, damnation feeling, messianic ideas, and serious errors in interpreting the current circumstances. Besides, there were remarked psychedelic experiences characterized by a series of contemplative experiences, ecstasy and different spiritual intuition degrees.

On the other hand, patients may feel they live in paradise or hell, or they get detached dreaming with eyes wide open. Other patients feel like lying down somewhere and closing their eyes. And when they open their eyes again objects become more interesting, and they feel a real pleasure in watching. It may appear that these effects are fabulous, but you should not exaggerate because as any drug, it gives addiction.


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