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A long haired man looks extremely handsome if the hair is clean and tidy. But unfortunately sometimes, men especially lose their hair and become bald, which is not quite a reason to be satisfied with them. The good news is that they can use Rogaine, a great drug which can stop hair loss, but it can be used only for men scalp.


Rogaine chemical composition is based on a solution of minoxidil, 2% or 5%, which can be used only by men.


This medication can be used only if the skin of your head is perfectly clean and healthy. This means that it must not be sunburned or irritated or somehow damaged. If you apply Rogaine on damaged skin the substance can be absorbed, and it can be harmful. While using Rogaine you must not use other medicines for hair loss, only if the doctor recommends them. You must be careful if you have heart problems because active ingredients in Rogaine can boost your dysfunctions. Furthermore, if you are a woman who has hair loss problems, you can take 5% Rogaine, on the condition that you are not pregnant or breast feeding. Maybe this drug is not harmful, but the best thing is to be prudent. Before using Rogaine your scalp and hair must be dry. You have to apply only the amount recommended, which is in general 1 ml, over the areas which are more affected by hair loss. You can apply it twice a day, at night and in the morning. Your hands must be perfectly clean when you apply it. If by mistake you get Rogaine in your mouth, nose or eyes, you must rinse immediately the area with clean water. You can notice beneficial results in 4 months.

I miss a dose

If you miss a dose, you can use it when you remember, or skip it because an overdose is more dangerous than a dose you have missed.

Side effects

If you develop unwanted side effects and they are harmful, you should stop the treatment and talk to your doctor. The most frequent side effects are allergic reactions, which can manifest through swollen face, tongue, lips or eyelids or difficult breathing. Moreover, you can have an itchy feeling or your heart can beat faster than usual, or you feel like fainting or dizziness. You can have as well head ache or redness on your scalp which can get dry. Don’t hesitate and ask your doctor or the pharmacist irrespective of the side effect you develop.


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