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Rozerem is a type of a sedative drug. The drug acts on the chemical in the brain that affects your normal sleep and leads to insomnia. The drug leads to relaxation which eventually helps you to fall asleep.

Information you should know

Some of the users may experience an allergic reaction. If the allergic reaction persists for a relatively longer time then you should stop take the medication and seek emergency help. The allergic reaction may include swelling of the mouth and throat as well as difficulty in breathing. Refrain from taking the medication during your normal waking hours. Some people have also gone through short term memory problems after taking the medication. If these symptoms persist, then you should call the doctor immediately. Rozerem may also cause certain side effects during the course of the medication. Do not drive or operate machinery for a few hours after taking the medication. This is because you may feel drowsy or dizzy for a while after taking Rozerem.

Refrain from drinking alcohol as much as possible while taking Rozerem. This is because alcohol may increase the extent of the side effects. Take Rozerem only as per the doctor’s prescription. The medication can be habit forming and hence do not take larger doses than what is prescribed by the doctor. Do not stop taking the medication suddenly just because you are feeling better. Always complete the full course as prescribed by the doctor.

Instructions for dosage

Take Rozerem exactly as prescribed by the doctor. You can also read the instructions on the prescription label. Take the medication with a glass full of water. Rozerem should be taken only after an hour after having a heavy meal. The medication is not to be taken for more than two weeks without the consultation of the doctor. The medication should be stored at room temperature in a cool and dry place away from direct heat and moisture.

If you miss a dose

The medication should not be taken if you are having sleep which is less than eight hours at least. Do not take a double dose if you miss a dose.

If you overdose

Seek emergency help if you have accidentally taken an overdose of the medication.

Side effects

The serious side effects include aggression, agitation and hallucinations. The not so serious side effects include headache, constipation and nausea and irregular discharge from the nipples.


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