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Sexual health deals with a complex web of factors ranging from sexual behavior and attitudes and societal factors, to biological risk and genetic predisposition. It is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality. Overall health, overall lifestyle, and sexual satisfaction are related. Research also suggests that certain physical conditions that go along with obesity can affect sex drive, dampening the desires of those who are overweight. Sexual rights of all persons are to be respected, protected to maintain sexual health.

Sexual problems may be physical or psychological in nature and can affect both men and women. The problems of HIV, unintended pregnancy and abortion, infertility and cancer resulting from STIs, and sexual dysfunction are faced by millions of people all around the globe. Sexual health is a new thematic area of work for Department of Reproductive Health and Research because of the rise in emergence of HIV, gender-based violence, sexual dysfunction.

Sexual dysfunction, impotence, infertility, priapism and phimosis are related to sexual health. Around 10-15 percent of males in the world are affected by impotency which is emotionally and psychologically disabling for them. A great amount of people face problems related to infertility and give in superstitious beliefs and practices owing to lack of information about sexual health. Awareness has to be generated to free people from false beliefs, fear, shame which impairs sexual relationships. Sex education can be an effective tool to spread the knowledge about sexual health

Demonstrated as voluntary and responsible sexual expression, sexual health enriches individuals and their social lives. It involves many things: like knowing your body, understanding the physical, social, emotional changes that ones goes through in his or her lifetime, being informed about sexually transmitted infections and how to curb it, all comes under the purview of sexual health. Sexual health is influenced by mental health, chronic illness and violence. People should have an understanding of sexuality and its impact, gender roles, reproductive health care services to promote sexual health.


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