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Synvisc is a type of an anti-inflammatory medication that is used for treating arthritis. In the past, surgery was the most common treatment for disorders like arthritis. Due to the complications and high costs of surgeries, the doctors started to recommend medications like Synvisc. However these medications have to be taken only with the consultation of the doctor as these medications may have side effects.

Little bit about Arthritis

Arthritis is known to be one of the most common diseases in the world. Arthritis normally refers to the persistent pain in the knee because of damage to the joint due to many factors such as continuous stress on the knee. As a result, other complications like obesity may arise as the people then start to lead an inactive lifestyle. Hence treatment of arthritis has to take the front stage.

Treatment by Synvisc

Synvisc is a type of medication that has to be injected. The generic name for Synvisc is Hylan. The main constituent of Synvisc is Hyaluronan and it has the major role to play as it gives the joints their slippery capability resulting in smooth motion in the joints. Also the cartilage surfaces of the joint begin to slide and rub against each other smoothly. The medication has to be injected directly in the

Studies done on the medication

There have been several studies conducted on the effectiveness of the medication. However these studies have been conducted over a very short period of time. Some research has shown that the patients experienced less pain a few days after they were injected with the medication. However there were other studies that showed no positive results.

Should you use Synvisc

Uptil now, major studies conducted have not shown that Synvisc is really effective. However there are contradictions as doctors say that Osteoarthritis is a condition that takes years to develop and show it effects and these studies were conducted over a very short period of time. There was a study conducted by the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons which showed that treatment by Synvisc delayed the surgical treatment to be performed on patients suffering from the disease. The study showed that 75% of the patients who took Synvisc injections were able to delay their knee joint operations. Hence the benefits of the injection can be taken by patients.


The question remains whether the injection should be used or not as most of the
patients who suffer from knee joint diseases are 60 or more years of age.


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