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Usage Of Tobradex

TobraDex is usually prescribed for inflammatory conditions in the eye and which requires treatment with a corticosteroid and where there is possibility of an bacterial infection of the eye. Since the eye is a very delicate and sensitive part, it is always advisable to see a doctor in case you have any type eye problem.

Tobradex is usually prescribed for the following conditions like the inflammation of the bulbar and palpbebral conjunctiva, cornea and the frontal segment of the globe where the innate risk of steroid use for certain eye infections is accepted. These drugs are also used for chronic uveitis, corneal injury from thermal or radiation burns.

In cases where the infection is mild or superficial a combination of an anti-infectant is prescribed or where there are high concentrations of bacteria present in the infected portion of the eye.

Tobradex is very effective against many of the common bacterial disease including. S. epidermidis and Staphylococci and it also include penicillin-resistant varieties and then some Streptococci that include Group A-beta-hemolytic species.


• Hypersensitivity to a component of the medication.
• Vaccinia
• Varicella and many other viral diseases of the cornea and conjunctiva.
• Fungal diseases of ocular structures.
• Mycobacterial infection of the eye.
• Epithelial herpes simplex keratitis


This drug should never be taken in an injectible form or it should not be injected directly into the eye and there might be some reaction to aminoglycosides. In such a case, please discontinue the use of that drug immediately.

Chronic usage of steroids would result in damage of optic nerve, defects in fields of vision and visual acuity and formation of the sub capsular cataracts.

You should get you intraocular pressure get checked routinely. In some acute infections of the eye, these steroids try to mask the infection or may increase the level of infection.

Side Effects

The drugs and their potential side effects can have a huge impact on an individual people in many different ways.

We have listed down some of the side effects that should be known all the persons using this drug and it in any way does not mean that every person using this drug would have some kind of side effect on taking this drug.

• Increase in the pressure within the eye
• Abnormal delay in the healing of wounds
• Swelling as well as Itching of the eyelid
• Redness to the conjunctiva


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