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Traumeel is an edematous, anti-inflammatory, and analgesic.drug. Traumeel is a combination and formulation of 2 mineral and 12 botanical substances. And this drug has been widely recognized as a good homeopathic medicine. It gives a temporary respite from symptoms related with exudative, degenerative, and inflammatory processes due to repetitive trauma or over use injuries as well as for short-term relief of small aches and pains associated with such type of conditions.

Traumeel has also been indicated for temporary and instant relief of some minor pains and aches like muscular, back and minor pains from ankylosing spondylitis and gouty arthritis.

As is the case with many pharmaceutical drugs the precise mechanism of Traumeel has not been fully grasped. However, it has been found that with the inhibition of the release of inflammatory mediators and neuropeptides and the discharge of oxygen radicals from activated neutrophils it has been able to give instant relief to all the patients who have been using this drug.

Side Effects

Traumeel has been very popular because of the absence of untoward effects and Traumeel is not a like any other conventional nonsteroidal anti inflammatory. However, given its celebrity status as a drug which is not used conventionally. The effectiveness of TRAUMEEL® is thoroughly documented by scientific research of more than thirty years of and its global usage. A random and controlled study of TRAUMEEL® drug for treating sprains of ankle was published in various research Journals.

Traumeel has been used to treat aged arthritic patients who usually could not tolerate the side effects of the gastrointestinal system that are usually the byproduct of a normal NSAIDs or for patients on anticoagulant medication. TRAUMEEL® is available as oral tablets, topical ointment, oral liquid, oral drops, and even as an injection which is available on prescription.

Traumeel owes its amazing power to the homeopathic products made of all natural ingredients that would relieve pain in a jiffy. Apart from that, it also speeds up the healing process after bruising or an accident or injury or surgery. The usage of Traumeel ointment is very easy, you can just rub a small amount of the ointment to the portion have the pain and you can notice immediate relief from the pain within 5 to 10 minutes.

How Safe Is Traumeel

Traumeel is absolutely safe and over 30 year research on this product has shown conclusively that there are no untoward side effects on taking this medication. One first point that goes in its favor is that it does not interact with any other medications and does not have any untoward effects because it is made of all natural ingredients to chemicals or compounds are used.


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