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Triphasil is usually prescribed for fertility control in women as well as for control of dysfunctional uterine bleeding and symptomatic treatment of primary dysmenorrheal or when contraception is also desired. Triphasil is also known to help many women on contraception.


• Known or suspected carcinoma of the breast
• The con-indications also include a history of asthma, diabetes mellitus, epilepsy, depression, hypertension, porphyria, or cases where fluid retention happens.
• Oral contraceptives are a total no-no.
• Oral contraceptives are contra-indicated for patients who suffer from impaired liver function, cerebrovascular insufficiency coronary-artery disease, recurrent cholestatic jaundice, thrombophlebitis, known or suspected estrogen-dependent neoplasia, severe migraine, thromboembolic disorders and undiagnosed vaginal bleeding. Patients should immediately discontinue the medication if Medication should be discontinued immediately if migraine becomes more focal or there is also a loss of vision or even in case of unexplained chest pain.
• Malignant or benign liver tumors have developed is some patients during the use estrogen-containing products or oral contraceptives.


Cigarette smoking enhances the risk of some serious heart disease with the use of oral contraceptives. The risks associated with drug also seem to increase with age and also in the case of heavy smoking and is quite high in women who are over 35 years of age. Women who use oral contraceptives should completely avoid smoking.

Ocular Lesions

You should immediately discontinue the oral contraceptives if there is a gradual or sudden, partial or complete loss of vision, diplopia or any other new evidence of eye problems.


It is a well known fact that usage of estrogen over a long periods of time have resulted in cancer of the cervix, breast, liver and vagina and this has been proven on some species of animals. In the present context, even though there is no evidence of its potential risk of cancer associated with the ingestion of the oral contraceptives.

While taking this drug, it is always advisable to maintain a close clinical observation in all the women who are taking these preparations. The patient will need appropriate diagnostic measures at regular intervals to completely eliminate all the likelihood of malignancy. Women who have family history of breast cancer or women who already have nodules in the breast or any abnormal mammograms or fibrocystic disease, should be checked on a regular basis because the breast and cervical cancer are one of the biggest killers of women today globally, therefore all necessary precautionary measures and test should be taken regularly.


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