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Xalatan is an eye drop medication used to lower eye pressure in patients with glaucoma or patients with high eye pressure. Xalatan reduces eye pressure by draining the fluid from the eye.

People with high eye pressure have a condition called ocular hypertension. Ocular hypertension is a precursor to certain diseases such as glaucoma, but it is not a dreaded condition itself. Instead, people with ocular hypertension are called glaucoma suspects. Thus to help prevent glaucoma, Xalatan is extensively prescribed by doctors.

High Eye Pressure

High eye pressure is generally caused by the lack of balance in fluid production and fluid drainage in the eye that there is a surplus of fluids that increases eye volume and in consequence, eye pressure. There are no obvious symptoms of ocular hypertension. Thus, it can only be detected by regular eye check-up.

How Xalatan Works

Xalatan works by opening up drainage channels in the eye wit h just one drop per day. When the drainage channels open up, the fluid found in the eye is now free to leak out which helps balance eye pressure.

Side Effects

Xalatan as an eye medication has a number of side effects that are described as mild and non-obtrusive. The most common effects of Xalatan are blurred vision, burning and stinging of the eyes, eye redness, and eye itching, and darkening of eye colour. Side effects occur in five to fifteen percent of the patients using Xalatan.

It is important to talk to your doctor before using Xalatan as it might have a number of impacts that you might not readily know. Before using the drug, the doctor must know your medical history. If you have other medical conditions, the doctor might opt to look at you more closely as you take the medication.

The Correct Dosage

In using Xalatan, it is necessary to follow the direction of dosage from your doctor. The product has instructions how to administer the eye drops. Xalatan is usually used only once a day. It is recommended to take your medication regularly and during at night to avoid constant dirt exposure right after medication. If you have symptoms of a possible side effect, contact your doctor immediately. Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place or you can also store it in the refrigerator.

In a case of overdose, flush the medication by washing your eyes with water and contact your doctor immediately.


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