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Zestril is a type of drug called ACE inhibitor. It is used to treat the onset of high blood pressure. Zestril is very effective when it is used in combination with other hypertensive medications. It is also an effective treatment after a heart attack to improve the chances of a patient’s survival.

High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition that alters the normal functions of the circulatory system. If high blood pressure is consistently present in the patient for a long time, it will eventually wear down his heart and arteries. High blood pressure can result to heart damage and stroke which can lead to paralysis and death. Zestril is used to lower blood pressure and avert the effects of having hypertension.

Dangers of Zestril

Zestril should be taken if you have a high blood pressure. It is only effective when Zestril is taken regularly. It might take time for patients to feel the benefits of Zestril and it is not a cure for high blood pressure. Instead it is a means to control high blood pressure. Suspending the use of Zestril can be dangerous as it can cause sudden rise in blood pressure. For people with advanced heart defects, Zestril is a medication that could be the difference between life and death.

Zestril is not effective for patients who have allergic reactions to the medicine. If a patient is allergic to ACE inhibitors, he is also likely to be allergic to Zestril, which will force the patient to look at alternative medications. It is important for your doctor to know how the patient handles allergic reactions before he recommends the medicine.

There are many ways that Zestril can interact with another drug or food. Zestril is often used I combination with other drugs so some drugs naturally increases the effectiveness of it. However, some drugs can negate its effectiveness or alter the function of the Zestril. It is always imperative that your doctor keeps track of your diet and other medications to assess the effectiveness or danger of Zestril with other drugs.


For adults, the initial dose when taking in Zestril is 10 milligrams per day. The dosage varies depending on the need to control the high blood pressure. Doctors will be interested in the state of your kidney functions so that he can adjust the dosage to balance out the side effects of Zestril. Zestril is not recommended for children under 6 years old.


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